Monday, 26 April 2010

Raw beef n' shit..

Okay, I have posted several items about special dishes I ate, which you will not find on the average menu in a Thai restaurant abroad, but I was under the impression that food in Vietnam and China would be much more weird than here.
Furthermore I have to admit I love raw fish, like Sushi and Sashimi. Also Yukke, Korean raw minced tail-end roastbeef with a raw egg, apple, sesame seeds and a soy based spicy sauce is one of my personal favourites But Isan has it's own variant.
Today my Thai friends proposed to order Sashimi , I quickly agreed and was looking forward to consuming a lovely dish, but after waiting some time, we were served fresh raw beef instead of fish. Still no big problem, as long as it's very fresh and the meat belongs to the proper parts of the cow, I have no objections eating it, but on the first picture you can see something what I first thought was a spicy sauce, and along with the raw beef it tasted deliciously, I have to admit. When one of my friends incidentally informed me, the 'sauce' basically consisted out of cow shit, I had to swallow twice.
After more research I found out that it is basically digested food, mainly grass or hay squeezed out with a stick from the first meter from the cow's stomach's intestine and then spiced up up with chili and lemon, I was a bit more at ease about not becoming ill, which so far didn't occur. Should you not find any new posts from me in the next days, you will know my optimism was in vain.

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