Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Separate toilets for ladyboys in Thai schools

Ladyboys or Kathoey, which are male-to-female transgenders or effeminate gay males, are a common sight in Thailand, some people estimate they represent between 10~20% of the population, other estimates speak of 180,000 which would account for 0.3% which is quite a different figure, but one thing is sure, Thailand can boast having the most male-to-female transgendered people in the world, followed by, of all places..Iran, which currently ranks as a good second. Recently some Thai schools have decided to create separate toilets for the so-called third gender. Furthermore Thailand has a lot of Tom boys, the lesbian masculine counterpart, too. Which toilet would they prefer, I wonder. Perhaps creating a fourth toilet will solve the gender problem once and for all, but if everyone would just put the toilet seat up before leaving the loo, there would be little problems I guess.

See also: BBC News

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