Thursday, 6 May 2010

Momentary monk

In a small town nearby, people were celebrating one of the villagers becoming a Buddhist monk.
On the first photo you can see a man carrying a so-called money tree. Lacking salary the villagers collect money which should provide him an initial means of survival.
The man in question was married for five years and still is, so I was informed and although they were allowed to visit each other briefly, he would not be able touch his wife ever again.
Later I was informed, the man in question resigned from the monastery after two weeks and went back to work.
I first assumed celibatarian life and other hardships were possibly too much for him, but since many Thai people believe a man has to be a monk once in his life, he most likely regarded it as his religious duty and the locals having a big party that day anyway were not angry at him at all.

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