Saturday, 15 May 2010

My companion

So far there are not many things I miss here, besides occasionally meeting my family, I do miss cats. Since they are not very much appreciated here. Most cats here are shy and will escape as soon as you try to approach them or attempt to lure them with food..
This cat formed an exception to the rule however.
And after giving her some food and milk, it broke the ice completely and night after night she would sit purring loudly on my lap, how relaxing for me it was.
In fact I already dubbed her Cindy; short for Cinderella, yesterday however a lady of the staff here felt pity for Cindy and brought her home after the necessary injections and anti-worm cure. My companion has gone and next week I will leave too, but I'm sure she is in good hands now.

Update 5-4-2011: Cindy is still alive and scratching, see the pictures I added below:

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