Monday, 31 May 2010

Salò or 120 minutes of shopping

Salò in 120°
The city of Salò is situated North-East of lake Garda. Today I visited Salò for an hour or two.
Salò and surroundings formed an independent fascist republic during the end of the second world war, called the Republic of Salò. It was the last stronghold of Mussolini and his fascist government, the South being liberated by the Allied troops in 1943. In fact Salò was a puppet state created by nazi-Germany.
Although some people think the republic lasted 120 days, due to Passolini's infamous movie; Salò, or the 120 days of Sodom, it lasted in fact 586 days, ending three days before Mussolini was killed by the partisans.
Now Salò has turned into an elegant tourist place, but the pictures below, taken in a souvenir shop, are showing that some people are obviously still proud of the achievements of Mussolini.

Wallet rear side
Wallet front side

Mussolini Lighters
Note: in Germany selling and buying these items would be regarded as a criminal offense.

Prada shoes cost € 470,- or $ 578,-

But even beggars are
dressed quite fashionable.

Also making love is expensive

Because condoms cost € 6,-
till € 9,- or $ 7.40 till $ 11.-

People queuing up in front of Salò's most
famous ice-cream shop called: La Casa
Del Dolce or The House of Sweet.

Due to popular demand, there's a 5th
course of plastic surgery as well.

It makes you wonder which republic are the people celebrating for; Italy or Salò?

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