Saturday, 24 July 2010

Life on Coral Island

Besides one resort with a staff of about 50 people, permanently living here, the secluded Coral Island is inhabited by:

Hornbills, monkeys and bats

Varans (giant lizards) and snakes

A few cats and dogs owned by the staff

Three goats brought here by the owner

And tigers?
No, this is a stone toy I found near the swimming pool

The first three photo's were taken today, most of the other photo's last March.


  1. You are making me feel a bit of wanderlust. It is nice to hear about places I’ve never heard before. A part of me would love to find a small island with only a few people around; I doubt my wife and son would agree to it though. I’m heading down to Koh Si Chang today so maybe that will soothe my yearning for islands.

  2. Besides a wanderlust, I'm a bit of an islomaniac too, hope you have a nice time on Koh Si Chang Paul..

  3. Thanks, it was nice but a bit rushed. It was also really busy because of the long weekend. All the Bankonians had the same idea as me.



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