Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Funkydog Chiang Mai

The owner of the Funkydog cafe-restaurant called Anh is an artist and a painter as well. But when painting didn't bring him enough profit to support his wife and daughter, last year he decided to add a cafe and restaurant. In a dark past Anh used to be an addict and finally got a one year prison sentence, but was released after six months, because of the King's birthday. His life is now devoted to the King, so he says, and he likes to contribute to his family and customer's happiness. Most things in the shop have been designed and made by the artist himself, including the food. Anh created his own small "prison", so he said, where he can find happiness. Entering the shop brings you really into an esoteric atmosphere, not easily found elsewhere in Thailand.
The menu is not large and Anh nor his wife had any prior experience in the 'hospitality industry', but the dishes are wonderful and cannot be found anywhere else. I took the yellow curry which was so delicious I took a second one. If you're in for a talk, Ahn is eager to explain his special live/business-style.
The coffee is grown by local hill-tribes and freshly roasted, which he likes to do outside.Anh will never check the time needed for roasting, he will know when it's ready when passers-by start noticing the wonderful smell. Profit-making is not the main goal, but happiness is. The most expensive dinner-item will cost you 80 Baht (€2,-/$2,55). If you're in for it, try the Mojito as well, again not your average Mojito, but an own invention. In the background you will hear no new-age music as you perhaps would expect, but Cuban/Latino music instead. In the Funkydog everything is surprising indeed.

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  1. Hiii, wonderful to find something about it, it was a fantastic place, i would like to come back. Wonderful people, music and food.

  2. Hi Paula, although there are more alternative café's/restaurants in Chiang Mai, the Funky Dog Café is definitely worthwhile a visit.



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