Sunday, 19 September 2010

Handy compact UK power outlet adapter

One problem I have with so called world adapters is that the're bulky, and half of the plugs you will never use, so I left mine at home, I just have a few small adapters from US to European and European to US. Coming to Penang I looked up on internet what plugs they were using. I have been here several times, but few years ago and forgot about it.
Before coming here I saw at the last moment the're using the UK outlets over here, for which I tried to buy an adapter at the airport but was not able to. In my room I found out they had a simple, compact, non-electrical, 100% plastic, no-brain solution for charging my phones, camera and netbook.
This handy devices costs around RM 0.20 (€ 0,05 / $ 0.06), but the receptionist offered it to me free of charge.

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