Saturday, 30 October 2010

Yahoo Answers, stupid question: Is Thailand weird?

Seen on Yahoo Answers posted in July 2010:

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Is Thailand weird (because of ladyboys etc.)?

My friend tells me if go see him in Thailand one thing I must not miss is ladyboys. Like, why? A guy in a dress, yes? Or is my friend not telling me something... he is (or was) straight. And is this more worrying than the fact he thinks there will be a war there soon?
  • 4 months ago

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What is there to worry about in that?? - - No, it is not weird, but I am beginning to think your friend is.

It is fun here. Thai like to have fun. There are many ladyboys. It is no big deal.
  • 4 months ago
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  1. Some of the questions people ask on Yahoo are hilarious.

    My personal favourite is;

    Why are the holes in cat fur always in the right places for their eyes?

  2. Hehe, found in the same category:
    A neighborhood stray cat is stalking me, is this very unusual?



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