Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The 7th generation princess of Malay Langkawi lives in Phuket

Princess Mashuri
Seventh generation ancestress of Princess Mashuri: Whan Aishsah
According to a famous legend in the 14th century, the Malay isles of Langkawi had a famous and beautiful white skinned princess called Mahsuri, who came from Phuket and she was adored by the locals because of her beauty. But other ladies on the island became jealous and spread the rumour that she committed adultery, finally she was killed and according to the legend her blood which came out was white. Also the legend tells that when she was killed she made a curse, that everything would go bad for the island for six generations to come.
When the seventh generation descendant, of Mashuri called Wan Aishah, was born around 1985 in a hospital in Phuket the legend continues; no other child was born that day and when she was born; all the lights went off in the hospital in Phuket.
From that time tourism in Langkawi boomed. I went there in the early eighties and it was a nice place to visit with just only one resort. And when I went back to the airport, and wanted to check in, they told me to wait for the pilot to pick us up.
Wan Aishai went in 2000 to Langkawi when she was 15 and gave an interview for the Langkawi radio and was surprised that she was treated as a true celebrity out there.
According to many the curse has been lifted by now, but I wouldn't like to visit it again, being too touristic by now. So a curse for one is a blessing for another, I suppose.
Now the before more prosperous Malay isle of Penang seems to be cursed: All high-tech industry left to China and tourists prefer to go to Langkawi because it's tax-freedom and having a lot of facilities and tourist-attractions now. When I went to Penang one and a half months ago, I was surprised to find streets without lightning and big wholes in the drainage on the sides of the street, which I only saw in Laos so far. Also all of the capital Georgetown seems to have been turned into China-town, because without tourism, nobody else is able to make a living there except the Chinese I suppose.

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