Saturday, 27 November 2010

And the Darwin award of the month goes to..

German hobby-mason locked-in in his own basement

Edited photo thanks to
Jeffrey Long
A 64-year-old German man, who was planning to block access to his basement by constructing a brick wall, came to the surprising discovery, once his job was finished, he was on the wrong side, reported the police of the town Khala, in eastern Germany. After the man started to build the wall with bricks and mortar last weekend and the job was done, he found himself in the part that he wanted to close off, police said in a press release. After having spent the weekend in his basement with a hammer and something to eat with him, he decided to take action. Instead of destroying his own new wall, he chose to make a hole in the wall of his adjoining neighbours, with whom he had several problems in the past.
The latter being alarmed by the noise, informed the police.

My question is; how long did it take before he noticed his mistake and how long does it take for mortar to dry, or he didn't want to destroy his work in the first place?

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