Friday, 5 November 2010

Micro Dutch expat community in Patong and my special positive food

Dutch hotchpotch with smoked sausage
I stay in Phuket almost for two months now, awaiting my visa papers for which I applied for 1 and 1/2 month ago.
Phuket has some places of interest, but for me basically it's a foreigners Disney version of the real Thailand.
Not much to do for me here, hence some of my previous articles dealing with second or third hand experiences / reports.
Recently I decided to check out the Dutch scene concentrated in Patong. I have heard in Pattaya the're lots of Dutch, but I have no urge to go there, not for the moment anyway.
So far I visited/met six Dutch people who settled here.
One just started working 20 hours a week on internet being payed by a Dutch software company.
Two others have a bar, one of them owns a typical Dutch bar in a side street of Bangla Road, the other has a more neutral bar (No orange, no Dutch flags), located a bit hidden in the Otop area.
Another has a restaurant for 15 years called the "Old Dutch" and has the longest established business as a Dutchman in Patong, but now the name is being changed to "Blue Horizon", because besides being a very kind and professional owner he doesn't sell a lot of Dutch dishes anymore and now relies more on international tourists by cooking good Thai food.
Today I visited another two Dutch dash Belgium people who own Bo's Beach Bar which is basically a Dutch bar and restaurant, but offers Thai, and other international dishes as well, located near the end of Patong beach, direction Kamala Beach.
I was surprised since I never saw so many Dutch people gathered since my arrival in Thailand more than one year ago. To me the guests, all Dutch, appeared to be of the same kind of tourists visiting places like Costa del Sol in Spain or Alanya in Turkey and so on, but meanwhile I learned to never judge anyone before talking to them first, which I didn't.
I joined in with the cultural barbarianship and ordered Hotchpotch which consists of potatoes, unions and carrots all mashed together, this went along with a Dutch meatball and a bit of gravy. I have to admit that it tasted excellent.

My stomach was a bit upset the last days and a food-expert in Holland once told me all yellow food is good for me and each time when I tried natural yellow colored food like corn, pasta, mashed potatoes, it always gave me a good feeling in my stomach afterwards. Hotchpotch is yellow orange and give me the same positive feelings as well. Also my mother used to say that if you long for special food, your body probably needs it and as long as you stay in close contact with your body, which will avoid you from eating fast food etc., I guess she's right.
Tonight I did the right thing for my body, but tomorrow I'll be eating lovely Thai food again.

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  1. The name of the one in the side street of Bangla road is the Dutch Inn.



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