Saturday, 6 November 2010

The three post-mortum miracles of my father

After my father died back in April 2009, three strange things happened:
After his death, my mother presented a Rexxor automatic analog watch, which my father used to wear, to my cousin. My cousin didn't seem to care that much since he already had a nicer one. So he kept it in a drawer and after a while it stopped running.
Later my mother felt not OK with this gift so she gave him something else and asked to return her the watch, which she put at the desk in my father's office in her home. Of course from the temporarily movement it started running again, but the strange thing is it has never stopped running since August 2009. My mother claims to never touch it, dust it, or move it.
She first thought it was energized by the sun, but I told her this could never be the case for this watch. Now and then I ask my mother: "How about the watch?", at which she so far each time replied: "Oh, still running.."
II I got my father's cell phone which he hardly used, since he got it as a present back in 2007, but he found the buttons to small. It's the first credit card sized phone and probably also it had to many functions built in. I got it in July 2009 and am still using it. A half year ago something in the miniature power connector broke, and only after long wiggling and waggling, I was able to charge it and with time it became harder and harder to get it charged. Since one month ago however it seemed to have repaired itself and I am now able to charge it just like it was as before.
III After my previous watch was broken I asked my mother to give me my fathers watch, which she originally bought as a present, but my father hardly wore it, since he liked to have the date on it as well.
I could only get it if  I took very good care of it, which I do.
Like many old stock watches the leather around the knob to adjust the time wears or dries out and doesn't make it waterproof anymore.
So was this one. Sometimes I make the mistake to wash my hands and get water spilled over it or leaving it in the bathroom when taking a shower, the glass gets foggy for at least a day. At another occasion in Chiang Mai I visited the 10 waterfalls and the air was so humid I obtained the same result. So you could say basically my watch it is as leak as a basket.
This morning I dropped it accidentally in the toilet pot and it took me a while to get it out, I expected a foggy glass as usual, but nothing happened. (See the photo on the left, taken today)
So did it repair/revive itself like the other items?
I have to wait and find out in a non destructive manner like I promised when I got it.

If proven to be true, my father could qualify to be declared holy or a saint by the Catholic Church, since  in order to achieve this, one needs to have performed at least two authenticated miracles and my father is up to three by now, who knows what he does next..
What a pity that throughout his life my father was strictly agnostic.

I will keep you updated should any miracle be unmasked or authenticated.


  1. I think you might want to bring the Vatican in on this one :-) It is interesting though and you never know.

  2. Hi Paul,
    I think one of these days I'll send out an email to the Pope :)
    His name was Herman, so St. Hermanus doesn't sound that bad.



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