Monday, 15 November 2010

Worst street artist ever

Seen tonight in Patong, Soi Kepsab; the worst street artist ever. He was able to blow two notes on his trumpet, and after I gave him 100 Baht, he was able to buy one more cheap Thai wiskey, but that was it. And he went to sleep. I hided his belongings, like money and his trumpet into safety behind the red exchange office. Since it would be sure to have been been stolen otherwise.
According to some people, he left the next morning at six, he blew his trumpet a few times and left with his belongings.


  1. It is nice of you to look after him. I hate seeing people in this state - it reminds me too much of my past. Hopefully he is just having a particularly bad time and this isn't a lifestyle choice. 100 THB isn't bad for two notes - he would have been rich if he finished a whole song.

  2. this is just too funny, but on a serious note I can't even afford to get my friends drunk let a lone a stranger

  3. @Paul:
    Yes true, it is not a nice sight, I hope he will be alright one day soon, all the Thai people preferred to ignore him so I thought better to help out a bit, and since I took these photo's I felt embarrassed not to give him anything, although I didn't expected him to be able to buy another whiskey.

  4. @earthlad: 100 Baht = £2/€2.45
    This was intended just for the photo's and get him playing, not for more booze, which he wasn't able to finish, because he was too drunk.



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