Sunday, 12 December 2010

Makkah TV

A TV channel which is almost as boring as Panda TV is Makkah TV, 24 hours of Muslims walking seven times around a black box called Kabaa, where the bones of Mohammed are supposed to be kept, and nobody seems to wave like "Hey mum I did it". Mecca is about the only city in the world which is not allowed to be visited by people of other religions.
I think I like the Panda channel more, since once in a while there's some action and the place is open for everyone to visit.
I had a schoolfriend from Turkey and his aunt had made a pilgrimage to Mecca, she was highly respected since she was one of the few of his family who had undertaken the journey. When I went with him to Istanbul, I visited her house and noticed a special alarm clock which she bought during her pilgrimage as a souvenir. I asked what it was and my friend said that it accurately gave the exact times of prayer, five times a day, which change every day, depending on the moon and sun.
Being made from plastic, I didn't suppose it was manufactured in Saudi Arabia, so I took a look at the bottom where a label noted: "Made in China".



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