Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First flying lesson over Phuket with an ultralight airplane

I didn't know it existed, but Phuket has a new second small airport called Phuket airpark intended for recreational and in the future business flights. Also it includes a flight-school for ultralight planes. Actually it's the third airport if you take in account Patong Beach Airport (PBS), which is I believe merely a waterlanding strip, not very much in use now. The intention is to make Phuket Airpark an American style village like some areas in Summerland Key, Florida, whereby everyone can park his private plane under his house.
Most apartments will have an man-made created seafront view.
An apartment as depicted below will go for about ฿2,14 million (€50.000/$69.000). But if you read my profile this is not my peace of cake.
To just fly or have a first flying lessons, you don't need to invest anything except a fixed fee, so I limited my investment to taking a first lesson with an ultralight two-seater and enjoyed it very much.
Depending on your skills, the lesson includes steering on the ground, take-off, various manoeuvres in the sky, like circle downwards, upwards and landing. The price for one lesson or one flight is ฿7.500 (€179/$244) and takes about one hour.
P.S. The in-flight pictures were not taken by me, but by a friend because I was too busy with the instruments.

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