Friday, 21 January 2011

Thai police advertise for shemale-cabaret

Seen today in Patong, Phuket; a traffic-police officer advertises for Simon cabaret, a famous transsexual show and tourist attraction around here. On one hand it shows how tolerant Thailand is towards the phet ti saam (third gender). On the other hand ladyboys, depending on how feminine they are, are being dismissed from the army for having a mental disorder, reducing the chance for senior positions and getting bank loans, although talks are going on now to change this disrespectful stigma.
(Update 2-4-2011: The stigma has been lifted; one is now dismissed for having minor defects like a problem with the right small toe. No kidding!)

Thailand has the highest percentage of transgenders and transvesties in the world, second being Iran.
In Iran's Moslim world a full operation is the only way of gay expression apart from being hanged. 50% of the costs of a sex-change is being paid by the government. In 1963, Ayatollah Khomeini wrote a book in which he stated that there is no religious restriction on corrective surgery. Later when he became leader he endorsed this policy. For the full article see: Transsexuality_in_Iran.


  1. I think is true that ladyboy can't work in government office and not get benefit same as man and women. I dont know about regien . But I think good luck that born in Thailand and doing have to kill same as some muslim country. But I hope every thing will be good in further . If many ladyboy have education and work at normal job don't work at bar or prostitute . The government or social will accept them .

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment, I think in Thailand there are signs to give ladyboys equal rights, but it might take considerable time, still the government seems to be shy about it's international image.
    See: about the Iron Ladies Volleyball team who won the Thai national championship in 1996 but were barred from competing internationally.

  3. Hi Vern,
    It was a lucky shot made when sitting on the back of a moving motorbike.

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