Monday, 17 January 2011

Wanted: Farang stealing tool to go and steal

Shoplifting is a big problem in Thailand. In a previous post I mentioned last year Thailand ranked no.9 in global shoplifting. On the photo taken last week in a fashion store called "ext" in Jungceylon shopping mall in Patong, Phuket, an unknown woman, probably of Caucasian origin, is stealing a so-called detacher from the counter. Detachers are used to remove electronic security labels. This type of equipment is mostly used in fashion stores. Once getting hold of such a device it's easy to go out for unnoticed 'proletarian shopping' and quickly remove the security labels in the dressing room. For the staff of a fashion store it's very difficult to check when a potential client enters one of the dressing rooms with for example three fashion items and comes out with two and one hidden in their bag after gotten rid of the label.
Anyone recognising the lady on the photo is requested to contact the tourism police of Patong, call 1699.
Hopefully the lady will be caught and be convicted, preventing farang's from getting a bad name more than they perhaps already have.

Source: Ext, Jungceylon, Patong, Phuket


  1. It's getting bad when tourists resort to stealing, soon all foreigners will be viewed with suspicion

  2. Hi Bodlagz,
    I fully agree, hence my post.



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