Friday, 25 February 2011

Dalat, some touristic musts

City center
City center seen from the highest point of the crazy house
Roundabout at the main square
Dalat's oldest tree in blossom (50 y/o)
City center and Xuan Huong lake at night
Dalat cathedral
Difficult to orientate in the crazy house
One of the rooms of the guesthouse
Bao Dai's (the last emperor of Vietnam) Summer Palace
Waiting room and interiors in Art Deco style
Old fashioned infrared sauna from Rouathermique used
by empress Nam Phuong
It even has a timer.
Nothing known on internet about this device
Prenn waterfall
View from a small cable car
Once you're there, why not dress like the hill tribe people
or take a ride on an elephant
Or on an ostrich
The way to the cable cars is via a rope bridge
and through a tree.
The gardens at Thien Vien Truc Lam
Zen Buddhist monastery
A huge 300 y/o tamarind bonzai tree
Tuyen Lam lake
Cable car from the monastery back to Dalat
View from the cable car
Villa's in the French quarter

Dalat railway station
Art Deco waiting room
Original ticket office

Japanese C12-type 2-6-2T steam locomotive
model 131-428 aka Tiny star (ChÄ«sana hoshi)
A sign near the piston mentions the brand Friedmann.
The rest is in Japanese (or Chinese?)
The original meters were replaced by Russian

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fried or grilled anteater

Seen in a restaurant in Dalat, Vietnam.
Aren't these animals protected or something?

A pangolin or scaly anteater in the wild.
The scales are razor sharp, so if you insist on eating
them and do not want to get hurt, ask for filet.

Update: 9-5-2011:
Pangolins are indeed protected in Vietnam, so the restaurant was violating the law. Stefan Koch from the Netherlands requested me to identify the restaurant. He then took action by informing authorities using the above photo as evidence. In a recent raid the restaurant has been fined and pangolin has most likely been taken from the menu. Should you come to Dalat, you could check the restaurant in front of Golf 3 hotel on the main square to confirm that it has indeed stopped. Violators can be reported to
See also:,

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bikes for rent & parking?

Seen today at Hoi An taken from a framed art-photo, so sorry for the quality

DIY Vietnamese Springrolls

Last evening I ordered a Vietnamese omelet, along with it came the ingredients to make springrolls, so there I went:
Wet a thin rice-pasta waver
Put some salad on the wet waver
Add other ingredients like omelet, meat, bean sprouts, etc.
Wrap it half way, fold the sides and roll
Ready to eat and delicious this way,
although most people will be more familiar
with the deep-fried version

Monday, 21 February 2011

Images from Hoi An

A paddy field with so-called water morning glory
Old-fashioned Chinese designs in a clock shop
A band playing for a die ceremony,
the deceased woman became 100 years old
Mourning relatives


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