Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hotel survival: Wine

Sometimes you find yourself in a hotel room with a bottle of decent wine, but have no (suitable) glasses and when you have a bottle with a cork, a corkscrew probably also doesn't belong to the hotel amenities.

How to open a corked wine bottle:
Method 1
Needed: One shoe.
1. Put the back of the bottle in the shoe and hammer it several times against the wall, until the cork can be taken out. For further explanation see here.
A drawback of this method is that it is noisy and could damage the wall, so if you don't want to disturb other guests or get complaints from the hotel management, do it the silent way, mentioned below:

Method 2
Needed: One strong and clean object with a blunt point such as the back of a strong toothbrush or a non-electric razor.
1. Go to the bahtroom, to prevent a mess in the first place.
2. Slowly push the cork inwards, take care for the last push to prevent a wine-fountain.
3. To pour the first glass, keep the opject in the bottle, to prevent the cork from locking up the wine.
4. If needed :), ceil the bottle, use a small clean plastic bag and stuff a part of it back into the neck of the bottle.

How to create a wine glass:
Needed: Two plastic water bottles per person, a pair of scissors or a sharp knife.

1. Cut the top of two plastic water bottles, keep the cap on one of the bottles.
2. Cut off the top of the other part which will
function as a holder.
3. Et voila your wine is ready for consumption.
À votre santé!

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