Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Love for Sale in Kilo's

Reading through Lonely Planet's guide about Vietnam printed in 2005,  on P383 I found the following remarkable story
 The number of Vietnamese women who have, especially in recent years, married foreign men is astounding. Vietnamese women are increasingly being swept off their feet by foreigners and, in many cases, swept away from their homeland to live with their husbands. Plenty of women have gone to live in Western countries, but Vietnamese brides abound in Asia as well. Perhaps the largest number of Vietnamese wives outside of Vietnam is in Taiwan. In contrast with the thousands who've married Taiwanese men, until recently the number of Vietnamese men married to Taiwanese women could probably have been counted on one hand. But no more, thanks to an entrepreneurial trend in Baria province.
 According to local news reports there is a growing number of overweight Taiwanese women, many of whom are considered 'unmarriageable' at home in face-conscious Taiwan, marrying Vietnamese men. So what's the catch? Why would a slender Vietnamese guy want to marry a woman three time his weight, with whom he probably cannot communicate anyhow? The answer is: money.
 Matchmakers have turned this development into big business, and bridal brokers are making the deals based on the actual size and weight of the prospective brides! Currently, the going rate the Taiwanese bride's family pays to the family of the Vietnamese groom falls between 1.2 to 1.8 million dong per kilo, and the number of such marriage is on the increase. So much for the old adage: this is one case where size does matter!



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