Monday, 14 March 2011

Help! An anti-Thai-monarchist is podcasting one of my posts

King Chulalongkorn,
Rama V.
Up to this date I have nothing against the Thai royal house.
In my country of birth we have a monarchy too and I think it adds an extra dimension to my small nation.
Sometimes I feel pitty for countries where royalty had to flee and/or are living in exile because it became a republic. In a previous post titled: Legacy of "The King and I" lives on I don't think I mentioned anything bad about the Thai royal house and in fact I wanted to emphasize the Western demeaning opinion about the far East at that time.
Now however, someone using the name Podcast112 transliterated my post into a youtube video podcast, nothing bad about that, but when looking to his other contributions, this person is clearly out to tarnish the Thai royal house.
After finding out, I had an argument with my Thai fiancé tonight, because I published something about the Thai royal house; good or bad didn't seem to matter much. I would be better off not publishing anything about this topic at all.
I could ask what's your opinion, but staying here over one year, I learned that very few bloggers in Thailand are daring to tell anything more concerning the Thai royal house except for: Long live the King (with a capital) at his birthday..

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