Wednesday, 2 March 2011

How to make a Thai laptop power supply fit in normal outlets

In Thailand all laptops are being sold with an adaptor with a three-way plug, however most places will not have three way outlets. Here is a very easy solution: For some reasons the Thai electricity standards prescripe a three way plug for devices using more than a certain Wattage, this includes laptops which normally will have a 100 Watt adapter. In the West this is not needed, since the third prong will protect you against earth-leakage like with irons, washing machines or anything with a metal case. The main safety reason for this is that you will never be exposed to 220 Volts when touching such devices. A laptop and the adaptor however are in almost all cases made of plastic so it will never be conductive and you cannot be exposed to any leakage from the mains. In case your power adaptor is broken, you will be able to buy a new one here for about ฿ 700 (€ 17/$ 23). Many people will use a 3-way to 2-way converter for a Thai power adaptor plug, which comes down to the same as simply breaking off the third prong from the mains plug. Both ways do not involve any additional hazard, but the last method is of course more easy.



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