Friday, 4 March 2011

One more reason to learn Thai

Yesterday evening in Bangkok it was raining cats and dogs, so I decided not to go out, but order some food in the room instead, when calling the reception I had the following conversation:

"Hello, I would like to order some club sandwiches.."
"Club sanwich?"
"Yes, that's number 13 on your menu right?"
"Yes, uhh club sanwich.. 
How many you wan?"
"Uhh, how many pieces are there on one dish, four or six?"
No clear answer..
"I want one dish then with four pieces, please.."
"You wan four club sanwich?"
"Correct, on one dish. Uhh do you have my room number?"
"Yes, your room number 404?"
"No, it's room number 801."
"Oh sorry, yes you wan four club sanwich?"
"Yes, club sanwich for room 804"
"No, it's room 801!"
"Sorry sir, hehe, room 801.
Sorry, thank you."

10 minutes later I was called by the kitchen:

"You wan four club sanwich for room 801?"
"Uh yes, but just four pieces on one dish, not four dishes hey?.."
"No hehe, yes OK sir.."

20 minutes later this is what I got:

Four dishes with 16 fecking club sandwiches


  1. Hopefully you had a fridge for all the extras! :)

  2. Hi Rob,
    I ate half of it and rest the next day.
    It's not wise to keep sanwiches in the fridge because they tend to get soggy :)

  3. Hahhahaa. I think we've all had this happen. I mean not specifically 16 sandwiches but getting a different dish than you thought you were going to get!

  4. Hi Lani,
    I was still lucky to get something edible.
    In Turkey I know most dishes, but one time the menu of a restaurant in Istanbul puzzled me completely, so I choose the most expensive dish which was 100 Baht or so. It turned out to be a sheeps eye, brain and a tongue I probed a bit of the last two, after which I quickly paid and left.
    Btw. I follow your entertaining and poetic blog on iGoogle, but I never now something to reply, because what you write is an art-form ie. I think you are a real word artist.



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