Tuesday, 8 March 2011

You know you're dating a ladyboy if..

A banned ad for Tiger beer, depicting a Thai ladyboy
On the internet the're over 12.000 pages just about how to spot a ladyboy, so it becomes a cliché to mention anything more about this topic. Therefore I compiled an alternative list of 10 reasons to find out when you're dating a (post-op) ladyboy.
You know you're dating a ladyboy if..
10. Her wardrobe is three times the size of your ex-girlfriend
9. While driving she speeds, parks perfectly and refuses to ask for directions
8. You go out walking in the jungle and she complains about the lack of mirrors
7. You wake up from her snoring after a night of boozing
6. She looks on the map and advises you have to take the next exit
5. She beats you at arm wrestling
4. Suddenly she laughs out loud and says: "Wow, you smell that one?!"
3. She says: "That looks heavy dear, shall I carry it?"
2. You've forgotten the function of some buttons on the remote control
1. She wants more sex than you do, so finally you start to fake orgasms and pretend to have headaches.

Any more suggestions in the comments.. 


  1. Funny topic, here are my contributions:
    1: She has more breast hair than you do.
    2: It's not you anymore the ladyboys check out.
    3: She let's you drive, merely because the passengers seat visor has a mirror.
    4: She looks horrified when you propose to stopover in Dubai for shopping.
    5: You find out she gets drafted and is accepted.
    6: You go together to the mens room.
    7: She can drink 2 pints in less than a minute
    8: She becomes bald more fast than you do.
    9: After a bj she proposes to swap
    10: She wears a T-shirt with "Girls R 4 Pussies"

  2. Thanks Kenny,
    you made up some real funny and clever ones, which made me laugh.

  3. Funny!!! Thank you for cracking me up.

  4. Hehe, very daring! I guess that this is in one of the major tourist area's in Thailand.. :)



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