Saturday, 9 April 2011

Guns and planes

Seen in Nok Air's in-flight magazine, an advertisment for Colt guns:
Nowadays guns and planes are not really considered to be compatible are they?


  1. It's not easy to get a gun in Thailand is it? Odd.

  2. Hi Loki,
    Good point!
    From what I understand, Thai people will be able to buy a gun if one has a licence.
    Licenses are issued only to people from age 36, needing a legimate reason for carrying/possess a gun, have no criminal record of course and 1 million baht savings.
    So it's not really very common.
    On the other hand illegally guns are available of course but expensive, just crossing the border will lower prices I assume.

    Extracts from Thai gun control law:
    A foreigner in Thailand is unable to carry a firearm, without express permission, which is very rarely granted. For a Thai citizen, they must show themselves to be good members of the community, show cause for issuance of the licence, and I seem to recall show or pay a specific sum {see below} for a firearm licence to be provided. As in other countries the regulations specify class of weapon, including shot-guns, small bore rifles, hand guns etc..
    Civilian who wishes to obtain a possessing license, he/she has to be over 35 years old and possess a saving account more than 1 million Baht at least 6 months. In case an
    applicant for a permit license owns a business or is a company manager, the registered capital must be at least 10 million Baht. In addition, this act states that any government officer who desires to carry government issued guns and ammunitions out of the office in a non-emergency case has to ask for permission from the head of the agency, and must have the letter of permission at hand.



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