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Looking 4 LTR: Cross cultural romances in Roi Et, Thailand

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Thanks to ThaiLoveLinks
Outside the provincial town Roi Et city the land is very rural, and coming from Bangkok yesterday at a certain moment it crossed my mind that it looked a bit like the end of the world and we would drive through the carton background bord any moment. By the way it was my third time going there. In Roi Et city one is able to occasionally meet up with the real, authentic and genuine people, you know what I mean? Some even come without the compulsary tattoos.
I'm talking about foreigners of course.
The major part, 99% I would guess, come here to stay with their Thai partner, are still busy to find one or return both to meet up with the family, the latter specially during Songkran or Thai New Year, celebrated at 13 till 15th of April
Below are some cases of people I met here who found or thought to find their perfect matching Thai partner, some I met for the second time or contacted me, one year later.
Case 1: A German man, let's call him Klaus, aged 66, widower, owns a gas station in north of Germany. Klaus met his ideal Thai lady, Mai, age 46, last year while on holiday in Ko Chang.
Mai was born in a village near Roi Et city. As a German Klaus is 'gründlich' in his planning.
Meanwhile Mai has learned German at the Goethe institute in Bangkok, where she scored 78 out of 100 after two months study. Not bad at all. According to plan Mai would come over to Germany last year.
Unfortunately for both, European/German bureaucracy has delayed Mai's Schengen visa until July. They plan to get married in Germany in August. Klaus' plan is to live in Roi Et with his new wife after he will retire at age 70.

Case 2: An Aussie man, Angus, age 58, prison guard, divorced after moving to Perth. His ex-wife couldn't get used to the Australian rural West coast and decided to return to Sydney.
While on holiday in Thailand, Angus wanted to know what Thai 'outback' was like, when he met Som, aged 41, in a village near Roi-Et, where she owned a restaurant.
After his first failed marriage Angus tought things over well, so he created a sandbox test environment by letting Som come to Aussie-country for a period of three months to see if they and the environment were compatible.
Angus mailed me that they both now are happyily living in Australia and similar to case no. 1, they plan to return to Roi Et after Angus will retire.

By now you might think you're reading fake-testimonials from an average dating site, but wait there's more..

Case 3: Adrien from Switzerland, age 63, single, rocket-engineer.
Adrien will retire in two years, but does not want to spent the rest of his life yodeling alone.
He plans to live in Isan with his new to be acquired Thai wife.
After several failed missions which comprised one marriage and many holiday affairs with Thai women, the Swiss precision airospace professional didn't want to leave  anything to chance and devised a cunning plan:
'Think big': and set up his own dating agency, being both 'director' and single 'client'.
He had his temporarely office in our hotel in Roi Et, right in the 'heart' of Isan's most profitable export product. Adrien appointed a former girlfriend as headhunter and standby interpreter.
Adrien had a limited time schedule due to his job as well as finding Thai Mrs. Swiss-Precission-Match fast.
In four weeks Adrien managed to interview 75 candidates.
On one occasion Adrien's interpreter was absent and my Thai partner, let's call her Polly, replaced her.
One topic of conversation was Adriens job back home, which went roughly as follows:
Adrien: "I'm an engineer. I work for a subcontractor producing components for rockets.  A rocket from Europe, Ariane.., You know a rocket?" Gesturing a rocket lifting off..
Polly: Spoke just a few words in Isan language, which I wouldn't know.
Girl: "Ahh.." Giving the understanding look.
Adrien: "Polly, you explained that very fast, what did you tell her?"
Polly: "I tell her; your job is very high.."
Later Adrien returned home, mission failed.
Before Adrien left, I told him that perhaps he wasn't able to see the wood for the trees anymore.
He said he would come back this year. Perhaps with a new winning strategy.

Case 4: Jan from the Netherlands, age 45, taxi-driver.
Jan is gay, but kept it a secret untill he finally had the guts to confess to his mother on her dying bed.
She eased him by telling: "I know, my sun". These were her final words after which she closed her eyes.
Jan mentioned his sister still blames him for delivering his mother the final blow.
Before coming out of the closet Jan had a LAT-relation with a Pattaya ladyboy for 3 years, but said he felt uncomfortable in public doubting wether she was convincing enough.
Jan now dates Isan men and is still looking for a Long Term Relation. He wants to live in Isan half of the year.
His relations usually never last longer than a few weeks, because he keeps on finding 'better' men, so he says. Similar to case no. 3, I wonder if Jan ever will find his Mr. Right here.

Update, 10-4-2011:
Adrien checked in today resuming his quest, including his headhunter..


  1. Life can be a lonely business so it is good to see these people finding partnerships.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Well 50% of them did and meeting them 1 year later it was good to see their relationship seemed to match bringing more happiness to their lives.
    I hope the others will as well, but I couldn't help noticing some kind of restlessness or 'having binding specifications which set excessively difficult targets' prevented them from succeeding so far.



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