Thursday, 21 April 2011

Petcharat Garden Hotel, a nice place to stay while in Roi Et city, Thailand

After staying in three other places in Roi Et city, Petcharat garden hotel offering 148 rooms is probably the best place to spend your time. I don't know who designed the building; but besides the large dinner/breakfast room co-functioning as karaoke hall in the evenings as well, the 'Feng Shui' of everything else is really excellent, it just makes you feel comfortable everywhere.
The hotel offers decent clean rooms with all basic facilities including free wifi for about ฿600 or €14/$20 till  ฿900 or €21/$30. This includes a decent breakfast for average standards. Also Petcharat's offers pretty good a la carte Thai, Thai-Chinese and a bit of Thai-Japanese food (no, Western food is not on the menu).
Apart from the fact that the owner is currently way too busy with a far too high priced property scheme, which will never succeed, the 'forgotten' staff tries to do their utmost to make you feel welcome, even though not everyone around here will be able to speak English that well.
Below is one of the views I like to enjoy in the evenings; sitting at the swimming pool.
At day-time from about 9:30am it becomes much too crowded with local children and their families, since it's one of the very few places to take a swim around here. Also the pool is about 100 cm/39" deep, safe for children but as an adult a little bit unconfomfortable to excercise your 500 yards breast stroke. Anyway around here you'll just have to settle with that. At 7:00pm after adding a large quantity of chloride, things become quiet, so before 9:30am and after about 8:00pm it's a perfect opportunity to relax, take a quick dip and if anybody there, meet up with other guests.

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