Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pretty accurate predictions from 1967 about our information age

Unrealistic predictions from old magazines about how far ahead we would be in the future is a common place on internet. Some predictions however are not far off.

In 1967, the BBC's broadcasted in an episode of Tomorrows World a real live experiment which showed applications of future online investment, agenda's and learning.
Forget about the 'primitive' devices you see, they  predicted that 20 years later, so in 1987, we would have online home computers. The costs for being online would be cheaper than making a telephone call.
Apart from the fact that all predictions have been realised, the timetable could also be considered quite realistic when based on technological progress; the internet originates from 1968 and DSL was invented in 1984, to be tested first in 1988, but little could they know that governments and telecom companies were hesitating, delaying the inevitable future for almost a decade.

Next clip from a a short fictional movie called 1999 A.D. made in 1967 aswell, 32 years ahead of time, predicts computers with flatscreens used for online shopping, electronic banking, monitoring and mail.
A funny thing is that they still kept the same gender role paterns based on that time, also other predictions from the same film seem to be a bit unrealistic up to this date, but still, an automated meal cooker could become available within our life-time..

A comment on Youtube made me laugh:
He can't afford the porn subscription fees after his wife is done shopping.

It's hard to predict what the future will bring, but to re-make a new script for the last film, here are a few things I anticipate 32 years from now, so that will be in 2043:

- Internet as a central 'brain' better than our own, but of course some human things lacking like emotions, creativity and humour.
- Durable energy cheaper than fossil energy.
- Large capacity batteries: The power source of electronic devices  will be integrated and have a longer life-span than it's actual use.
- Vertical seats in planes for short distances.
- Hybrid powered (Fuel/Electric) planes.
- Longer life span due to medical control of cell aging process.
- Auto guided electric cars.
- (Auto guided) vertical take of and landing planes for private use.

Also I assume the following will be available at least before 2100
- Implantable online computers for:
  • Looking up the facts rather than learning them. You will only need to know that it exists.
  • Selected news updates into your brain.
  • Watching movies or listen to music in your head.
  • The ability to speak foreign languages without prior learning.
  • E-thoughs: Social communication through thoughts transmission.
  • Shared dreaming, like in the movie Inception.
- Humanoid robots doing most of our work.

Do you think I'm crazy? Please comment after 31-12-2042 :)

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