Monday, 11 April 2011

Smart new bank card phone

I don't like to cary much around in my pockets: banknotes and coins usually never exceeding $100, cigarettes + lighter, my bank card, my phone and a camera in a pocket on my belt, that's it.
Actually I don't like to take my camera as extra weight, but often when I didn't, I saw the most interesting and/or funny things and was not able to take a picture. Now it belongs to my default outfit, even during breakfasts.
My phone is a 2007 Samsung credit card sized type with a protective leather case, which includes an additional thin integrated battery, in my case co-functioning as a protection for my bank card.
A potential problem was that during calls, if I didn't take care, the card could fall out..

Today Polly solved my little problem and glued a plastic pocket inside the phone cover, where the card is safe to keep also during calls.

For one of the many other creations by Polly, mostly modifications of clothes, see How to create a wine glass.
Now who said Thai were not inventive?

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