Saturday, 14 May 2011

The power of smile

In a TED presentation Ron Gutman, CEO of HealthTap, aggregates results of worldwide studies regarding the act of smiling.
A study conducted by Hewlet Packard UK in 2005 shows that looking at a simple smile from a baby, will make you smile internally and will actually induce more positive stimuli in your body than having sex, to a lesser extend the same applies to adults. Next time when you decline an offer to engage in sex by giving just a smile will represent an unintrusive attempt to offer you the same happiness. Furthermore the study reveals a baby's smile mood-boosting value equals receiving $25,000 in cash or eating 2000 bars of chocolate (without throwing up I assume). From birth there seems to be some cultural imposed drop in frequency we smile, since it is a nutural facial expression found on baby's still in the womb. Children will smile 400 times a day by average, whereas adults resort to this conduct just about 20 times.
As Ron Gutman puts it: Quite a few kids out there feel like Marc Zuckerberg every day.
More over, there are clear indications to believe that frequent smiling lead to a happier and possibly even longer life.
Surprising enough, to my knowledge little or no research has been done about the long term effects of smiling habits in Thailand, the land of smiles after all, but my preliminary conclusion is that this Thai custom does a lot of good for the population. Amongst others it might explain why many foreigners including myself feel very comfortable to live here. A Thai smile can mean anything from I haven't a clue to I understand you, we're all human, if your're lucky.


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