Saturday, 4 June 2011

Frog and cow: A Thai fable

Image thanks to Tiphanie Beeke
Once upon a time there was a baby-frog who happily lived with his mother near a pond.
One day the baby-frog decided that he wanted to explore the world.
He hopped for hours until he met for the very first time in his life, a cow.
The cow scared the hell out of the tiny frog, so he quickly hurried back to his mom.
After the baby-frog told the story of the frightening big animal, his mother wanted to know how big the beast exactly was.
"Was it this big?" she asked before pumping up her cheeks full with air.
"No mother, it was bigger than that" said the baby-frog.
"Was it this big then?" his mother asked, after which she blew more air into her cheeks.
"No mother, it was more big than that" said the baby-frog.
"Did you mean it was this big?" his mother replied while she tried to pump even more air into her cheeks.
Finally the mother frog exploded from the high pressure which had built up.

Moral of story: One's horizon is limited by fear, lack of knowledge and imagination.

Thank you for telling me this story, my dear Polly.

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