Monday, 25 July 2011

Blogging in English

Although I learned English at school for six years and lived for about five years in Japan and Thailand, where I mainly use(d) English as well, it was a personal challenge to start blogging in English as opposed to my native language Dutch. Mistakes remain undetected much easier than using one's mother tongue. Also the choice of words and grammar would not be that sophisticated as blogs of native speakers, making it less attractive.
After 16 months, the advantages are clear; I'm now able to reach a much larger group and statistics show I get visitors from all over the world, which I prefer rather than having a (larger) Dutch reader base only.
By writing in English I noticed I got to know the language better, since in attempts to look a bit more professional I often look for translations and synonyms.
Also I don't specialise in niche blogging, since I'll elaborate on any subject which entertains or interests me, so quite possibly I'm my own biggest fan.
Today I came across this test, which estimated my vocabulary at 21,200 words, which for me seems quite a lot, but still remains on the low end of native speakers.
Naturally for me this is a good ego-booster, keep up the good work I-nomad, up to the 30,000 :).

Your total vocabulary size is estimated to be:


Link thanks to the Presurfer

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