Thursday, 7 July 2011

New Thai handicraft: Drinking straw art

The objects you see below are made from plastic drinking straws, which are cut open, sliced and folded into triangular pieces (mathematically called double tetrahedra, but forget about that). The pieces are then sewn together into different objects like hearts, fish, butterflies, etc.
Just to see what it would look like, I made a custom order last week.
After sketching up the design, two girls needed five days to finish it:

At night:

Actually it turned out to be a bit of a kitsch lamp.
Even if I would like to, I have no space in my suitcase to bring it, so it's now hanging in the shop.


  1. That's pretty neat what some Thai people can do with simple drinking straws. I actually have a dog made out of straws sitting in my house that some Thai girl made for me.

  2. The girls wanted to make a dog as well, but they lacked any examples.

  3. I like straw arts, please see mine too:



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