Friday, 9 September 2011

Where the streets have no name II

When in Ao Nang, annother place of interest are the girly bars.
They are all concentrated in one street which is a miniature sanitized version of Bangla Rd. in Patong or Walking street in Pattaya. Similar to bamboo bars and restaurants (street) it has no official name, because the land is privately owned. Instead it goes by many nicknames: The Soi, Soi Sunrise, Soi Bar, RCA entertainment, Soi Loki (sex maniac street) and Disappointment street.
The dead end street can be found on Airport Road opposite of White Sand Resort. The soi is one of the three nightlife spots in Ao Nang, featuring 18 bars (3 of which are closed at the moment), hundreds of girls and a handful of ladyboys. It's a noisy place; if you listen well, one can hear at least four different beats jamming from surrounding bars, but hey this is Thailand. Fun closes down at 01:00am to be partly continued in the local discotheques in Center Point. A money saving tip would be to wait untill one elsewhere and head straight for the disco's.
Plenty of girls and a few ladyboys in The Soi.
View from the dead end
That night, I got my share of pussy



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