Thursday, 20 October 2011

Weird travel magazine

Seen in a local magazine called Passport:
15.000 copies are issued of this free tourist magazine distributed in Krabi province.
Obviously quite some advertising space has not been sold and is filled up with nonsense, however some funny ads are real.
Crappy service?
The Chatchada House really exist in Ao Nang and no matter what they say, reviews are very positive.

Warm beer, Crap food, Rubbish service, Useless staff.
It's always nice when people are honest
Also this place called Ling Uan or Fat Monkey really exist on Koh Lanta.
All you can eat: Boys 295฿, Ladyboys 280฿, Girls 260฿
Assuming it's not a restaurant for cannibals,
prices are fair considering average size.
Matt's Joint Grill can be found on Koh Phi Phi.
Another version they use is: Boys 295฿, Girls 265฿, Kids and Rabbits 150฿
A filler: Surgical Palmistry: Extend your lifeline..
This image comes from

Magazine cover

A bit of a blasphemous filler page towards Christians and Muslim. An almost identical version can be found on Considering 42% of the population in Krabi is Muslim, this kind of content doesn't look like a wise promotional proposition for advertisers.
Another filler.
Partly or mostly faked 'funny' letters from readers.
Some of them pretty racist.
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