Sunday, 4 March 2012

Funny Chiang Rai

Tourists learning about their future from a
local fortune teller
No problem to marry an alien in
Chiang Rai
Definitely the cheapest accommodation
in town
Rabbit hooked on 'tabacco'
Oh no.. Google translate can really mess things up..
The sign reads something like this:
Text on sign Meaning
1. The moustache is tiny squid roasts Grilled small squid tentacles
2. The demon moustache squid roasts Grilled giant squid tentacles
3. The banana squid/egg squid roasts Grilled splendid squid with or without eggs 
4. The ark shell scalds/burns Boiled or grilled clams 
5. The shrimp burns Grilled shrimps / scampi
6. The meatball fries, every the wood Grilled meatballs on a stick

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