Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hotel survival part I+II: Boiled eggs and Pasta in cream spinach sauce + Muffins

To become more independent from hotel amenities, I recently bought one of those immersion heaters for travelers.
Mind you I had some space left in my suitcase, since I got rid of some books and a bulky external harddrive (I now use Google docs as cloud storage instead). Anyway I was pleased to see the weight of my suitcase go down from 15 kg to 13.6 kg.
I was under the impression that these devices used kiloWatt's of energy, but this handy tool for which I paid € 9.99 ($ 13) uses a mere 300 Watt, which is good enough to boil you a cup of water in about 90 secs.
Besides making hot drinks and cup noodle, you can use it for some other food too, enabling you to have lunch, breakfast or even dinner in you room.

Part I: Boiled eggs:
- A water boiler or the immersion heater and large metal cup or a microwave resistant plastic cup, (Don't worry, it won't melt, since the water will keep it at 100 °C (212°F) max., however be sure to stick around.
- Tap water (fill 2/3 of the cup to prevent splashing).
- One or two eggs.
Let the water boil first. Preferably use a spoon to gently submerge the egg. I put the egg below the heating element, since eggs actually need to be soft cooked, not boiled which will make them tough and rubbery. This way the water on the bottom remains relatively still. Up to your preference wait about 6:30 min's for medium cooked yolk.
Ignore the bad product placement :)
To stop the boiling process and save your
fingers while peeling, take off residual heat
by cooling the egg down with tap water.
FYI: I don't know how you learned it, but this
method seems to be completely unknown in S-E Asia
and that's why I like to do it myself in the first place.
Your egg is now ready for consumption.
Bon appetit!

Part II: For some advanced hotel survival, see George Egg making tortellini in spinach cream sauce and muffins for desert:


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